8 Day Alluring Rivieras: Cote d'Azur & Italian Coastline (2023)


Embrace life in the slow lane with a relaxed cruise along two of the Mediterranean’s most famous stretches of coastline. Elegant resort towns, ancient port cities and picture-perfect islands await. This is the Côte d’Azur and Italian Riviera at a leisurely pace, emulating the European Grand Tours of days gone by. Enjoy full days in port, giving you time to wander the town, swim in the ocean and choose from an interesting selection of Scenic Freechoice excursions.

Take your time with a late-night departure for the ship at almost every destination. That means long, lazy evenings to explore,...read more visit local restaurants, listen to live music, and sip cocktails under the stars. With fresh seafood in every port and two of the world’s great wine regions (Provence and Tuscany) set in the hills behind them, this cruise will be pure indulgence.


Your cruise begins in Monte-Carlo. The most famous district in the world's second-smallest country, Monaco, it attracts high-rollers and prodigious wealth with luxurious high-rise hotels, designer boutiques and beautiful people at every turn. Sleek and stylish Scenic Eclipse fits in perfectly among the private superyachts anchored at the marina. You'll be welcomed on board today, meeting the expert crew and your personal butler. Take some time to get settled in your spacious suite - be sure to make a selection from the pillow menu and admire the city from your private verandah.

With a late departure, there's plenty of time today to explore Monte-Carlo. Visit the iconic Monte-Carlo Casino, designed by famous architect Charles Garnier; admire the Prince's Palace, still the official residence of the Grimaldi royal family; window shop in the designer boutiques that line the Avenue de Monte-Carlo; or stop for a drink at the legendary Le Bar Americain inside the Hotel de Paris.

Please book your flight to arrive into Nice prior to 02:00 PM. (D)

After a late night in Monte-Carlo, have your butler bring coffee to your suite so you can enjoy it on the verandah as you pull into Cannes.

Welcome to the cinematic capital of the world. On your arrival in early May, the city will be just a couple of weeks out from the launch of the Cannes Film Festival, and every street and square is abuzz with movie magic. Film stars and millionaires will descend on the city, berthing their superyachts alongside Scenic Eclipse in the colourful marina.

Browse the latest haute-couture collections at the breezy boutiques, relax on a striped sunlounger set up along the narrow beach, or sip cocktails at one of the endlessly chic beachside bars. There's plenty of history and culture to be found in this coastal enclave, but it's really a place to relax and soak up the champagne lifestyle that plays out alongside the sparkling Mediterranean every day. (B/L/D)

You'll call at two neighbouring ports today, tucked into a quiet curve of the Ligurian Coast.

Santa Margherita is one of the more relaxed towns along the Italian Riviera, a place where people still live and work rather than a spot designed for tourists. Pretty pastel buildings line the shore, hundreds of fishing boats sit in the marina, and the imposing 16th century castle looks out over it all. Wander the narrow streets this morning and feel immersed in history.

Just a few kilometres away at the end of the peninsula is Portofino, one of Italy's most famous resort towns. Postcard-perfect and oozing Mediterranean charm, Portofino is a place to soak up la dolce vita. Brightly coloured buildings sit against crystal-clear water with lush pine-covered hills in the distance. Another late departure means there's plenty of time to explore the luxury boutiques, swim in the turquoise bay, dine on exquisitely fresh seafood and look out for celebrities at the exclusive bars set around the Piazzetta. (B/L/D)

You may never had heard of the town of Marina di Carrara, but you'll be familiar with its most famous export. Towering behind the town, the Apuan Alps looks as though they are covered in snow; in fact, it's world-famous Carrara marble that's been quarried here for more than 2,000 years. Many of Italy's most famous works of art, like Michelangelo's David and Pieta sculptures, began life in these very mountains.

Marina de Carrara sits on the coast, tucked between sandy beaches and forested mountains. Today, you can set up in a beach chair beneath a striped umbrella at one of the many beach clubs that line the shore. Or take a shuttle into Carrara town where everything from fountains to cathedrals to pavements are made from their signature stone.

With a late departure, make the most of the town's western aspect and watch the sun go down over the water with a glass of Tuscan wine in hand. (B/L/D)

As the third-largest port in Italy, Scenic Eclipse will be dwarfed by giant freighters and passenger cruise ships when it pulls into Livorno this morning. This colourful port town has been welcoming sailors and traders from all over the world for more than 400 years, making it one of Italy's most cosmopolitan cities. It's also the gateway to the spectacular Tuscany region, famous for its rolling hills, incredible cuisine and fascinating artistic heritage, and the closest port to Florence and Pisa.

Wander through the 17th century Venezia Nuova, which feels like a mini Venice with its small islands threaded with canals and connected by bridges. Soak up the flavours of the city at the bustling Central Market, the second-largest indoor market in Europe, where hundreds of stalls are selling fresh vegetables, seafood, charcuterie, cheese and much more.

Tonight, once the rest of the tourists have moved on, wander the checkerboard tiles of the grand Terrazza Magascani along the waterfront. Indulge your sweet tooth with a gelato from one of the many gelaterias you'll find here. (B/L/D)

After another late night, ask your butler to bring coffee to your suite this morning so you can admire your next destination from your verandah. Today, Scenic Eclipse will dock in the centre of Portoferraio, looking out at the famous 16th century Medici Fortress.

One of the oldest towns on Elba Island, Portoferraio dates to the time of the ancient Greeks, though the modern town was largely built by the Medici's in the 1500s. It oozes Tuscan charm, and is a favourite among beach-lovers and history buffs alike. Take a dip at Spiaggia di Capo Bianco, a beach on the northern edge of town covered with small white pebbles and fronting impossibly clear water. Explore the historic streets to see Palazzina dei Mulini, one of Napoleon's official residences during his exile here, the impressive Archeological Museum, and the ruins of the Roman Villa della Linguella.

Relax with another late night in port and toast the sunset with a glass of Aleatico, a sweet red dessert wine that's a local delicacy. (B/L/D)

France's second busiest cruise port (after Calais) and one of the busiest in the Mediterranean, Bastia is the gateway to the island of Corsica. It's a dynamic city that feels genuinely ‘lived in'.

The name Bastia comes from the word ‘bastion', which is tied to the Genoese fortress that was built here in the 14th century. It now houses the interesting Musee de Bastia, which traces the town's history from early Roman times. The old town is split into two parts; Terra Vecchia around the harbour and Terra Nova in the high-walled citadel above. The narrow laneways are lined with a number of impressive churches, grand public buildings and charmingly jumbled apartment buildings. Place Saint-Nicolas is at the heart of the town, a charming square lined with outdoor cafes. Watch the world go by with a coffee or glass of wine. (B/L/D)

This morning, you will arrive in Civitavecchia, the sea port for the Italian capital city of Rome. After a final delicious breakfast, farewell your crew and take away memories of a truly unforgettable cruise.

The itinerary is a guide only and may be amended for operational reasons. As such Scenic cannot guarantee the cruise will operate unaltered from the itinerary stated above. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.

Please book your flight to depart out of Rome after 12:00 PM. (B)

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