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‘New Normal’ courtesy of Covid-19

About data center as a service (DCaaS)

About SDDC (software-defined data center)

All-flash arrays

Application Maintenance on Production Systems

Application storage

Application-aware storage

Archiving and backup

Archiving and tape backup

Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics

Backing up VMware host servers and guest OSes

Backup and Archival Tools

Backup and recovery software

Backup Tools' Vendors

bare-metal cloud

Batting for Tech in the Covid-19 Times

Best practices for data center operations

business continuity plan (BCP)

Business continuity planning

Business Continuity Planning

business impact analysis (BIA)

Capacity planning for virtualization

CEO Quick Reads

CIO Resources

circular economies

Cloud application migration

Cloud applications

Cloud architecture design

Cloud architecture design and planning

Cloud backup

Cloud computing

Cloud computing for business

Cloud computing SLAs

Cloud computing standards and compliance

cloud NAS (cloud network attached storage)

Cloud pricing and cost optimization

Cloud repatriation

Cloud Security

Cloud Security Management and Cloud Operations Security

cloud SLA (cloud service-level agreement)

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage management and standards

Collaboration Applications for Unified Communications

Collaboration software and productivity software

Collaborative Applications

Colocation, hosting and outsourcing management

Colocation, hosting and outsourcing management

Computational Storage

Computer Memory Nomenclature

computer room air handler (CRAH)

Computer Storage Hardware

Contract negotiations and legal issues

Contracting and Legal

Converged Infrastructure

Converged Infrastructure Management

Converged Infrastructure Systems

Covid-19 Global Responses

COVID-19: Organization Mitigation Responses

CRC-4 (Cyclic Redundancy Check 4)

Creating and upgrading VMware servers and VMs

CTOs Quick Reads

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Cyber attacks

Cyber insurance

Cybersecurity risk assessment and management

Data backup security

Data center architecture for VMware ESX and ESXi

data center bridging (DCB)

Data center budget and culture

Data center capacity Planning

Data center design and facilities

Data center facilities

Data Center Hardware

Data center hardware and strategy

Data Center Hardware Terminology

Data center hosting

Data Center Management

Data Center Networking

Data center ops, monitoring and management

Data Center Outsourcing (DCO)

Data center server infrastructure and OSes

Data Center SLA Metrics

Data center storage

Data center storage and networking

Data center systems management

Data center systems management

Data Centre Hardware Equipment Technical Resources

Data Centre Servers

Data protection, backup and archiving

Data reduction

Data reduction and deduplication

Data security

Data security strategies and governance

Data security technology and strategy

Data storage backup tools

Data storage backup tools

Data storage compliance and regulations

Data Storage Hardware

Data storage management

Data Storage Strategy

Datacenter Hardware Trends

Datacenter Hardware Vendors' Release News

Datacenter Infrastructure News

Datacentre Capacity Planning

Datacentre cooling infrastructure

Datacentre disaster recovery and security

Datacentre energy efficiency and green IT

Datacentre performance troubleshooting, monitoring and optimisation

Datacentre systems management

delay-tolerant network (DTN)

Dell Datacenter Hardware

Deployment models

Differential Backup

Digital business transformation

Digital business transformation and innovation

Digital certificates

Disaster recovery planning - management

Disaster recovery storage

Disaster recovery, failover and high availability for virtual servers


edge computing

edge virtualization

Email and messaging threats

EMC Network Storage Systems


EMC Technical Resources

Endpoint security

Engage the experts

Enterprise data storage strategies

Enterprise Desktop Management

Enterprise identity and access management

Enterprise infrastructure management

Enterprise Software Development

Essential Technical Terminology you need to know

Ethical Practices

Exchange Online administration and implementation

Expert Advise and Opinion

Facilities & Operations

FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security)

File-Sharing Services

Flash Memory

Flash storage for applications

Frameworks and Models

Hackers and cybercrime prevention

HDD Technologies

How do i...?

How-Tos and Other Useful Tips and Tricks

Human Relations Managemwnt

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

hybrid IT

Hybrid Workforce

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Management

Hyper-Converged Systems

Hyper-Converged Vendors and Products

Identity and access management

Improving server management with virtualization

Incremental Backup

Industry News and Expert Advice

Information security certifications, training and jobs

Information security certifications, training and jobs

Information security certifications, training and jobs

Information security incident response

Information security policies, procedures and guidelines

Information security program management

Information security threats

Information technology governance

Infrastructure & Architecture

Infrastructure in the Data Centre

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Internet Technologies

IoT data storage

IP Telephony

IT applications, infrastructure and operations

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

IT Career Management

IT Career Management

IT Career Paths

IT compliance and governance strategies

IT Designations-roles and responsibilities

IT efficiency and sustainability

IT infrastructure management and planning

IT infrastructure management and planning

IT Managed Services

IT Management

IT risk management

IT spending and budgeting

IT strategy

IT systems management and monitoring

Leadership and strategic planning

Legacy Data Center Systems

Legacy Products

LTO-6 (Linear Tape-Open 6)

man-in-the-middle attack (MitM)

man-in-the-middle attacks (MitM)

Managing cloud infrastructure

Messaging and collaboration

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Hyper-V and Virtual Server

Microsoft Office and Office 365

Microsoft Windows Azure Active Directory (Windows Azure AD)

Miscellaneous Resources

Miscellaneous Resources

Mobile and wireless network technology

MRAM (magnetoresistive random access memory)

MSP business transformation

MSPs and cybersecurity

NAS devices

Nearline storage

Network app performance

Network application performance

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network device security: Appliances, firewalls and switches

Network Infrastructure

Network management and monitoring

Network management software and network analytics

network node

Network Penetration Testing

Network protocols and standards

Network Security

Network Services

Network threat detection

Network virtualization

Network visibility

NOR flash memory

NVMe over Fabrics

NVMe storage

Office and Office 365

Open source virtualization

P2V, V2V and V2P migration

Partner Content

Partner Presentations

Partner Resources

Password management and policy

Planning & Management

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Primary Storage Devices

Principle of least privilege (POLP)

Public cloud and other cloud deployment models

Quality of Service (QoS)


Read-intensive SSD (read-intensive solid-state drive)

Remote data protection

Remote data protection

Remote Working

Research Results and Trends

Return on Investment (ROI)

Risk assessments, metrics and frameworks

Risk Management Strategies

route summarization (route aggregation)

Routers and Modems

SAN switch (storage area network switch)

SAN Technology and Arrays

SAN technology and arrays

SAS SSD (Serial-Attached SCSI solid-state drive)

Scalable Processor Architecture (SPARC)

scale-out storage

SDN and other network strategies

Second User Software

Secure remote access


Security awareness training and insider threats

Security training and jobs

Server Hardware

Server hardware and virtualization

Server hardware strategy

Server Operating Systems

Server virtualization hypervisors and management

Server virtualization infrastructure and architecture

Server virtualization management tools and practices

SIEM, log management and big data security analytics

SIEM, log management and big data security analytics

Simple definitions to know

Small business disaster recovery

Small Business Technologies

SMB backup

SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response)

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Licensing

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Software-defined storage

Solid-state storage

SQL and Exchange Resources

Storage fabric, switches and networks

Storage management and analytics

Storage management tools

Storage performance

Storage performance

storage security

Storage Vendors

Storage virtualization

Sun SPARC Hardware

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Resources

Tape backup and tape libraries

Tech Acronyms and Initialisms

Tech Definition Updates

Tech Definitions

Tech Partner's Curated Content

Tech Snippets

Technical Explanations

Tekmart Enterprise Hardware Tips

Tekmart Partner Content

Tekmart Support: Storage Systems' Implementation Tutorials

Telecoms networks and broadband communications

The difference(s) between...

tiered storage

Timeless Aricles

Timeless Articles

Timeless Tips

Travelling Techie Quick Reads-Timeless!

Trends: Datacenter Hardware and Solutions

Two-factor and multifactor authentication strategies

Type 2 hypervisor (hosted hypervisor)

Understanding UC

Unforeen Unpredictable Must Adapt Scenarios

Unified Communications Architecture and Service Models

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS Sizing-Data center Design

UPS Systems in the Data Center

Value-Added Resellers

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructure and architecture

Virtual desktop management

Virtual machine monitoring, troubleshooting and alerting

Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN)


virtualization sprawl (VM sprawl)

VMware ESX and ESXi administration

VMware products

Voice and unified communications

Voice of the customer (VOC)

Volume Shadow Copy Service-based backup

Web application and API security best practices

Web Application Security

Web authentication and access control

Web Browsers and Applications

Web security tools

whaling attack (whaling phishing)

WHY??: Explanations on data center hardware

Windows 10

Windows 10 troubleshooting

Windows client management

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server OS and management

Windows Server storage management

Windows Server Troubleshooting

Windows Server versions

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Wireless Network Security

Wireless Technology

WMS (Warehouse Management System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems

Working Remotely

Zero-trust model (zero trust network)

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