Dayco Timing belt for Hyundai Elantra HD | Grelly UK (2023)

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This part is manufactured to a high standard and comes with a 12 month warranty. Please check product Specifications below to ensure this is the correct part for your vehicle before purchasing - in some cases some vehicles have two different parts that fit - if you are unsure please contact us. Thank you for shopping at Auto 8.


Due to the escalated government restrictions and higher than usual parcel volumes, customers may experience delivery delays. Our delivery partners are working hard to ensure you receive your items as quickly as possible.

This Product is manufactured by Dayco at a high standard and comes with a 12 Month full replacement warranty. Please check product Specifications below to ensure this is the correct part for your vehicle before purchasing, if you are unsure please contact us via messages.

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Please note: Quite often certain vehicles may have two different parts for the same application to ensure you are receiving the correct part for your vehicle you will need to send us the part numbers from the original part fitted to your vehicle. Auto 8 will not be liable for any associated costs if the correct part has not been confirmed by an Auto 8 staff member via ebay messages this includes all shipping costs and a restocking and handling fee may apply.

There is more detail for this product provided below scroll down and take a look. (Please note the eBay compatibility guide does not always have all of the vehicles listed)

If you are unsure that this is the correct part for you, contact our friendly staff via phone or eBay messages to confirm this is the correct item for your vehicle.

Please note vehicles that are listed in our compatibility tables are Australian delivered vehicles, if your vehicle is an import or you are outside of Australia please contact us with your original part numbers to ensure correct fitment. Auto 8 will not be accountable for returns if this does not occur.

We have Qualified & Experienced automotive technicians to provide any technical information needed. Feel free to contact us anytime via eBay messages.

Thank you for shopping at Auto 8.

SPECIFICATIONS table.tableizer-table .tableizer-table td .tableizer-table th MakeModelSeriesEngineYears (mm/yy)HyundaiCoupe FxRDII2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GFAug 1999 - Apr 2002HyundaiCoupe FxRD2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GFJul 1996 - Aug 1999HyundaiCoupe SfxRDII2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GFAug 1999 - Apr 2002HyundaiCoupe SfxRD2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GFJul 1996 - Aug 1999HyundaiElantraXD2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GCOct 2000 - Sep 2003HyundaiElantraXD2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GCOct 2003 - Feb 2007HyundaiElantraHD2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GCOct 2006 - May 2011Hyundaii30FD2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GCOct 2007 - Jan 2013HyundaiLantra2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GFFeb 1999 - Oct 2000HyundaiTiburonGK2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GCMar 2002 - 2009HyundaiTucsonJN2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GCMay 2006 - Jan 2010HyundaiTucsonJN2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GCOct 2005 - Apr 2006KiaCeratoLD2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GCJun 2004 - Jan 2009KiaSportageKM2.0L 4 cyl Petrol - G4GCAug 2007 - Jul 2010 Express shipping is available and can be upgraded during eBay checkout. Auto 8 Pty Ltd will not be liable for any Customs or Import Duty charges. It is the customers responsibility to check these charges before committing to buy.

At Auto8 we offer free shipping on the majority of our fixed price items, and we deliver Australia wide to all areas.

Your item will be shipped to you via Australia Post or Fastway Couriers you will receive a unique tracking number sent through via your eBay sale once your purchase has been processed. Items that are purchased and if payment has been received by 1.00PM AEST will be dispatched on the same business day.

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Buyers will be able to trace the delivery online at Australia Post or Fastway's tracking website with their unique tracking number. Please note that if there is not anyone available to sign at the time of delivery, the item may be left in a discreet location or a card may be left in your mailbox with your details to allow collection at your local Post Office or Depot. Buyers have the full responsibility to provide us with the correct delivery address and contact details on the checkout page before payment. Any changes to address after checkout need to be passed on to us as soon as possible by eBay messages.

Auto8 is not liable for any delay, losses and/or damage of items due to carrier and changes of delivery address after checkout, or mistakes made by buyers. This also includes failure to provide an answered phone number. Which may be used to contact the customer if the item is bulky or is sent by certain couriers.

A re-delivery fee will be charged to buyers for items that are undeliverable and/or returned to the Auto8 warehouse due to incorrect delivery address or unsuccessful delivery. Items will only be delivered during normal business hours (9am to 5pm) on weekdays. Delivery is not available on weekends, public holidays or after business hours. WARRANTY

Auto 8 Warranty Claims Policy

The warranty period on all items commences from the date of purchase if a warranty claim is made and a second part is supplied then the warranty period will not restart and will continue from the initial date of purchase. All claims for warranty must be made within the relevant warranty period, Buyer must return the product to Auto 8 for analysing, buyer is responsible for the shipping costs of sending the warranty claim back to Auto 8, if the item is analysed and proven to be faulty via a manufacturing fault then Auto 8 will pay the costs of shipping the new item, if an item is proven to be faulty via a non-manufacturing fault then the customer is to pay the return shipping costs of the rejected unit back to them.

Items that are sent back for a claim must be accompanied with reason for return, contact details, eBay user name & copy of receipt as proof of purchase, failure to do so will result in non-processed claims until the stated information has been received. All warranty returns must be assessed by and Auto 8 staff member (this could take from 3 to 19 business days from arrival of the item back to Auto 8), The warranty does not apply to failure or damage to the unit caused by incorrect or faulty fitment, contamination by foreign materials including water and oil, any modifications made to the item by anyone other than an Auto 8 staff member or any abuse or misuse of our products will result in warranty rejection (this is determined at Auto 8’s discretion).

All items that are returned for warranty will be tested then passed at the discretion of Auto 8, warranted items are strictly exchange only, (a refund will not be given) In some cases Auto 8 may repair the item. In no case shall Auto 8 be responsible for any sequential costs including removal and re-fitment costs of the item.

Air Conditioning Compressors

Please note when fitting our air conditioning compressors; you must first flush the system of excess oil as all of our compressors come pre filled with the correct amount of oil, excess oil in the system causes hydraulic lock up and will automatically void the warranty also you must replace the drier & TX valve before charging system with refrigerant. When sending back a compressor for a warranty claim proof must be provided that these processes were followed and parts replaced ie receipt from licensed mechanic/ Air Conditioning technician, Failure to do so will result in warranty rejection.

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Also the correct refrigerant that the system was designed for must be used with our compressors, we do not accept any warranty claims that have been in a system using a replacement refrigerant such as HyChill, and this can be easily detected and will result in warranty rejection.

For more details please contact us through ebay messages or call us.


All returns must be returned within 30 days of purchase. Contact details, eBay user name and receipt must be sent with all returned items, failure to do so will result in delayed refunds.

All returned items must be in original & resalable condition (including the packaging) to receive a full refund. Refund will be given within 14 business days of receiving item.

If an incorrect (incorrect fitment) item has been purchased that is within our listing application guide and is deemed Auto 8’s error (at our discretion) taking into account that the customer is 100% sure it is the correct part they are purchasing customers need to understand that often certain vehicles may have two different parts for the same application to insure you are receiving the correct part for your vehicle you will need to send us the part numbers from the original part fitted to your vehicle. If deemed as a direct fault from Auto 8 then Auto 8 will cover return shipping costs.

If an item is purchased incorrectly, deemed buyer’s error or the buyer simply changes their mind, all shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer.


At auto8 we try to provide our customers with as much information as possible, we offer free technical advice available from one of our qualified team members for information regarding our products including guided installation information, part recommendations, part fitment, and part details.



Do you have a question for us? eBay messages is one option for you to contact our knowledgeable and experienced staff press the contact seller button on any ad and your messages will be answered professionally, promptly and in detail. You can also click here.


We offer full before and after sale phone customer support. Our experienced team are willing to answer any questions you may have and are available from 8.30am to 5pm (AEST), Monday to Friday. Delays can be expected in busy periods, please leave a short message with your name and reason for your enquiry and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


Items are available for pickup from our Wangaratta warehouse. Address details will be provided once you have purchased your item and after you have contacted our warehouse for availability. Please note: All collections must be organized through our Head office.


To ensure a smooth transaction, please choose one of our options for payment or follow the payment instructions laid out in the eBay system. If you are new to eBay and unsure how to purchase, please send us a message or call the warehouse and our Customer Service team will be happy to assist.

We only accept payments via PayPal. Once your payment has cleared, we will ship your item within 1 business day and the same business day if the item is paid for before 1.00PM Monday to Friday.

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Auto8 is not liable for any unidentified payments or delays of delivery due to failure to follow instructions during checkout. For all payments outside of eBay, please note that we process many payments weekly so without the correct method/reference it's impossible to figure out which payment needs to be allocated to particular items. Simply send us the reference you used, the day and time you paid, and the amount deposited. We recommend that you use your eBay id if making a bank deposit.

As always, if you have any questions, please send an eBay message to our qualified team who are only too happy to help.

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