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Original OEM FLEX Fitness Low Back w/300 lb. Stack – RARE – Black Upholstery Available

Original OEM FLEX Fitness Low Back w/300 lb. Stack - RARE - black upholstery available. This is a total core unit. This machine is belt driven and is extremely smooth. This is extremely beneficial for many reasons such as strengthening the entire core, and for both helping and preventing injuries. It is a great warmup or finisher, before or after heavy deadlifts.

Hammer Strength ISO Lateral Front Pulldown

Hammer Strength ISO lateral front pulldown. This is the best Hammer lat machine in my opinion, and really trains the lats well, from the insertion points to the top of the lat. The Hammer front pulldown is one of the harder Hammer units to come by.

Flex Fitness Original OEM Abdominal Machine – RARE – Black Upholstery Available

Flex Fitness Ab machine - RARE. This is one of the few abdominal machines that will work each and every abdominal muscle from top to bottom. This unit is very popular, RARE and very hard to come by. Unit is in beautiful condition.

Precor Icarian 546 Flite FLT ISO Lateral Horizontal Bench Press

Icarian Flite ISO lateral horizontal bench press. First and foremost, this machine is extremely RARE. The machine is extremely well designed, built like a tank and acts both as a press and a fly, based on your hand position. This machine is true to weight, meaning the weight you put on the machine is the weight you lift. This machine will bring you back down to reality real fast. Many plate loaded machines make the weight much lighter, this machine does not. That goes for the majority of the Flite line (we have matching lat pulldown and shoulder press in stock).

Flex Fitness Abductor & Adductor - Inner & Outer Thigh Pair - RARE - black upholstery available. These were made by the arguably the greatest commercial fitness equipment company of all time. This matching pair has a very small footprint and is an excellent space saver. These machines are very popular with all types of people, from soccer moms to competitive bodybuilders. Machines target muscles and areas of the muscle that no other machine or free weight exercise can. Trains your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and obviously, the adductors and abductors. These machines are built like tanks and are very smooth. Units are in great condition and excellent working order.

Cybex Advanced Plate Loaded Converging Pulldown

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Cybex Advanced plate loaded converging pulldown. This is the current and latest model. The design of this is phenomenal. The machine is true to weight. With many plate loaded machines you need to really pile the weight on for it to feel heavy enough. That’s not the case with this machine. The multi grip handle design allows you to pull from any hand position (pronated, supinated, neutral etc.). You can also pull wide to close, close to wide, medium etc. This is a bonus and allows you to train various angles of the back and lats. Very effective, simply beautiful machine, in excellent condition.

Hammer Strength chest & dip combo machine. This is a super cool total chest and tricep machine. You can blast your pecs with the chest press and also your lower pecs by leaning forward while performing dips. Once you're finished destroying your pecs, give your triceps some work or simply superset back and forth between the three exercises. These Hammer units are very hard to come by and this one is in excellent condition.

Precor FTS Glide Dual Adjustable Pulley DAP Functional Trainer 200 lb. Stacks – 7 ft. Tall

The FTS Glide offers resistance training with freedom of motion to increase core strength, balance, stability and coordination. Designed with a compact footprint and low height to fit any fitness facility, the FTS Glide is easy to use. This unit is preowned and in excellent condition and perfect working order. This machine sells new for $4,000.

Dual Weight Stacks

The 2:1 lift ratio of the dual stacks allows users to train effectively, move quickly and have more momentum while slowly increasing weight amount.

Pulley Adjustments

This unit fits every user for many different exercises with its adjustable height options on the pulleys.33 pulley carriage adjustment positions 11 gauge (.120") 2x4-inch racetrack steel tubing

Length53 inches / 135 cm
Width48 inches / 123 cm
Equipment Weight672 lbs. / 305 kg
Height85 inches / 216 cm

Hammer Strength PL-LP Plate Loaded Seated Leg Press

Hammer Strength PL-LP plate loaded seated leg press in excellent condition. As far as seated leg presses are concerned, this unit is the best! This machine puts constant tension on the quads, hams and glutes, and zero on the knees or hips. You can also really load this unit up with plates and safely go super-heavy.

Nautilus ONE Lat Pulldown w/Swivel Handles

Nautilus ONE lat pulldown. This unit is in excellent condition. Nautilus is the eldest commercial grade fitness equipment manufacturer and that’s no coincidence. Nautilus makes some of the best equipment in existence and this unit is no different. This machine is extremely smooth and built like a tank. The swivel handles allow you to pull using any grip, in any direction. The mechanics of this machine make it feel extremely natural and very effective. This unit will blast your lats and force your back to grow.

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LifeFitnessAxiom latpulldown& lowrowcombomachine. Axiom is a new full commercial grade line by Life Fitness (the unit by the industry leader offitnessequipment). This is a major space saver, has a heavy 215 lb. stack and a perfectly designed machine. In addition to being a total back machine, you can also train your triceps on the high pulley and various other exercises with thelowpulley, such as bicep curls, uprightrows,lateral raises and more. This machine was used as a demo floor model only and has not seen commercial use. The machine is in stellar condition.

Life Fitness Signature Series Abductor and Adductor – Inner and Outer Thigh

Life Fitness Signature Series abductor and adductor inner and-outer thigh. These are current and latest model units made by the industry leader in commercial fitness equipment. These machines have a very small footprint and are excellent space savers. These machines are very popular with all types of people, from soccer moms to competitive bodybuilders. Machines target muscles and areas of the muscle that no other machine or free weight exercise can. Trains your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and obviously, the abductors and adductors. These units have had light use, are built like tanks and are very smooth. Units are in beautiful condition and perfect working order.

Precor Icarian Linear Hack Squat

Icarian 45 degree linear hack squat. Unit is beautiful and one of, if not the most popular and well liked hack squats of all time. Bearings are super smooth. Unit retails for almost $6,000.

Strive (Prime) Plate Loaded ISO Lateral Shoulder Press

Prime Strive plate loaded ISO lateral shoulder press w/Smart Strength Technology. The back rest adjusts, which allows you to target various angles of the delts, from front to rear.Smart Strength Technology allows you to choose where in the range of motion you put most of the emphasis and resistance, whether at the beginning, middle or top of the movement. This can be extremely effective in the muscle building process. This machine is in excellent condition and perfect working order. These units are built like tanks, are super smooth, extremely popular and sought after, and have insanely high retail prices! **OUT OF STOCK**

MedX Seated Lateral Raise w/280 lb. Stack

MedX seated lateral raise w/280 lb. stack. This machine is in beautiful condition and perfect working order.This unit is extremely effective, feels really good on the middle delts and is pretty hard to come by. This exercise is what gives the round look to the shoulders. It’s also much harder to cheat performing this exercise with a machine, and you don’t have to worry about poor form. Get on, go and blast those delts!

Precor Discovery 16 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit – Newest Series – Available w/Black Upholstery

Precor Discovery 16 Unit Total Body Strength Circuit - beautiful new models. This is the highest end and most expensive line that Precor has to offer. These machines are well built, have high end finishes, operate extremely smooth and look stunning. These units are in stellar condition and have had very little use. These are also the newest units offered by one of the industry leaders in commercial fitness equipment. This circuit would be perfect in any setting whether home, studio or commercial facility. These units sell new for nearly $5,000 per unit.Brand new black leather upholstery available for $225 per unit. https://www.precor.com/en-us/commercial/strength/discovery-series/selectorized-strength

The Discovery™ Series combines all the functional performance elements demanded from a strength line, but with a focus on ease of use and thoughtful design detail to appeal to a wide range of exercisers.


Circuit consists of:

1. Glute Extension

2. Inner Thigh

3. Outer Thigh

4. Prone Leg Curl

5. Seated Leg Curl

6. Leg Extension

7. Rear Delt/Pec Fly

8. Shoulder Press

9. Lateral Raise

10. Chest Press

11. Seated Row

12. Pulldown

13. Seated Dip

14. Bicep Curl

15. Tricep Extension

16. Leg Press


(Video) 45° legpress || FITNESS EMPIRE

Hammer Strength Platinum Plate Loaded Seated Leg Curl

Hammer Strength plate loaded seated leg curl in silver. This machine has a natural feel and keeps a constant tension on the hamstrings throughout the exercise. Unit is in excellent condition. Machine has been cleaned and serviced. This machine is in perfect working order.

(Video) Leg Press

Keiser Infinity Functional Trainer

Keiser Functional Trainer

Price Includes: Functional Trainer, 2-Window Readout Console The Keiser Functional Trainer represents the core machine within the Infinity Series. As the name implies, the Keiser Functional Trainer is a multi-functional machine for a complete body workout. It can be used for hundreds of different exercises, ranging from rehabilitation to sports-specific applications and the Keiser Functional Trainer is one of the most basic and versatile cable machines available. The Keiser Functional Trainer incorporates two adjustable arms, which accommodate high/low training positions. The ability to train at any speed and without any impact makes it the product of choice for many different applications. Keiser Functional Trainer will let you experience total versatility, at any speed. With the Keiser Functional Trainer you can unilaterally and bilaterally work any muscle group safely at any angle, at any resistance, at any speed through the range of motion. Resistance is always consistent, unaffected by speed of exercise. By utilizing the power of Keiser's free moving pneumatic technology you can safely increase your power output as speed increases. This allows for intense functional workouts with zero shock load to muscles, connective tissues and joints. Physical therapists long ago discovered Keiser equipment. The Keiser Functional Trainer fits a wide range of needs. It is ideal for everyone, from the orthopedic patient through the performance athlete. Countless professional sports teams, performance training facilities, sports medicine professionals, researchers, older adult fitness centers, senior living communities, corporate fitness centers, and physical therapists trust the Keiser brand. Complete control over training and progression. With the Keiser Functional Trainer you can change resistance throughout the range of motion. Adjusts quickly in1/10pound increments. No longer do you have to spend time changing weights to fit each person. It can now be done with the press of a button while training. Master trainers and experienced fitness advocates will immediately see the advantage that Keiser machines have in fine-tuning a workout for maximum results. Works effectively, even with limited space! Infinity Series equipment is compact and versatile. There are multiple exercises. Compressor is not included. The retail price of this unit begins at $7,000. This unit is in beautiful condition.

FreeMotion Plate Loaded Squat Machine – RARE

FreeMotion squat machine in excellent condition. This is the machine that can be found in the mecca of bodybuilding – Gold's Gym, Venice Beach. The likes of Dexter Jackson, Sean Rhoden and TONS of other IFBB Pro bodybuilders can be found training on this machine, often by Charles Glass. The angles of the platform on this machine are crazy! You can also squat facing either direction. This machine does not and will not bottom out, and is GREAT on the joints, which is why Dexter uses it. He’s 51 and his legs are better than ever! This machine is in beautiful condition.

Precor Bicep & Tricep Combo Machine 2 in 1 Space Saver.
You can perform both bicep curls and tricep extensions on the same machine. Major space saver, small footprint. This unit is built and designed very well. Each movement feels completely smooth and natural. This machine is in excellent condition and perfect working order.

Here at Fitness Equipment Empire, we specialize in quality name brand pre-owned commercial fitness products such as: Fitness strength machine, lifefitness equipment, Hammer Strength, hammer strength cable machine Precor, Cybex, Nautilus Inspiration Leg Extension and many more.

We offer both selectorized and plate loaded Hammer Strength machines to give you a variety of options for every workout. Don’t waste money buying new Hammer Strength Machine, we have the same machines Pre-owned, at a fraction of new cost and in great condition.

Gym equipment is essential in maintaining your physiques and leading a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Equipment Empire sells gym machines that will meet all your fitness goals. Fitness Equipment Empire offers a variety of gym machines equipment such as hammer machines, leg press machines with a wide range of impressive features for home and commercial use.

From treadmills, dumbbell sets, fitness mats, and rubber gym flooring, these items allow you to exercise in the right way. These exercise machines can be used in your home, office, or gym. Life Fitness equipment is designed to be perfect for every facility, and fit the needs of any exerciser, regardless of gender, age, ability, or fitness level.

Benefits of Using New/Used Gym Machine

Health is wealth. Regular exercises play a significant role in maintaining your health and keeping you fit. That means you have to hit the gym, and if you prefer exercising at home, that means investing in good-quality gym machine equipment. But how do you know the best machine?

  1. Space

A gym machine occupies a lot of space. For example, the most miniature life fitness equipment can occupy an entire corner in your garage. Although this machine can perform more than one function, you’ll still need to create enough room for your weight equipment and treadmill.

At Fitness Equipment Empire, we have life fitness equipment that ranges in various sizes.

  1. Cost

Good gym machine equipment does not come cheaply. Most of the machines cost over $3.000. Therefore, you need to find a provider who you know provides the best gym machines on the market and might also offer pre owned gym machine options.

  1. Quality

The quality of the gym machine matters a lot. That determines how long it will last and how much weight it can withstand. Invest in gym machine equipment that promises longevity and strength.

Fitness Equipment Empire is a reliable and affordable gym equipment seller. You can even purchase a pre-owned machine, which is cheaper than buying new ones. If you want strength and durability, then look through our website for affordable deals.

Preowned commercial life fitness equipment & Hammer Strength has become a better / more affordable option for gym owners and individuals to buy the equipment they want at a price they can afford.

We also specialize in many of the rare harder to find collectible machines such as Nebula, Medx, Atlantis, Bodymasters, TK Star and Icarian. You have come to the right place.

We have a proven track record with selling high-end commercial brands. Need shipping? We can help! Give us a call at 215-460-8025 for more

information on the products we have available and we will be happy to assist with getting a freight quote. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is There A Warranty On Used Hammer Strength Machines?

Hammer strength machines are very resilient fitness strength machines. They are made to last a very long time, even with heavy use. While warranties for new hammer strength machines are standard, they are rarely offered for used or refurbished fitness strength machines. If warranties for used strength machines are given, they are usually for a short duration like one year instead of 5 or 10 years.

Is It Safe To Buy Used Hammer Strength Machine?

Hammer Strength machines are built to last a lifetime. Hammer as a brand has been in existence for more than 25 years setting impeccable standards for excellence. Their fitness strength machines have been used by professional bodybuilders, amateur weightlifters and even fitness enthusiasts. Hammer fitness training machines are robust and not prone to wear and tear. Thus used Hammer strength machines are safe to use.

What Strength Machine Do I Need For My Home Gym?

It would be best if you got fitness strength machines that exercise the different muscle groups. You can also get some dumbbells for the arms. If space and budget allow, you can get a sturdy bench and a barbell. You should also invest in fitness strength machines that give you vigorous cardiovascular exercise. You can get a treadmill, rowing machine, or a stationary exercise bike to get in your cardio.

Do You Discount Your Commercial Gym Machines?

Fitness Equipment Empire sells a collection of both new and used commercial gym machines at competitively low costs. The pre-owned fitness strength machines come at a lower price point than the new ones. What is equally important is that they are a durable option that gives the same desired results from your workouts. Quality brands such as Life Fitness Equipment, Hammer Strength, Nebula, etc., manufacture our sets.

(Video) Fettle Fitness ISO Chest Bench Press Machine Review

Does Strength Training Always Include Weights?

While the use of weight machines and free weights are popular choices to help increase one’s power, strength training is a versatile workout not limited to these equipments alone. Fitness strength machines include resistance bands, treadmills, recumbent bikes, etc. Some strength training exercises don’t require equipment and can still build your desired muscle mass and health results such as training use bodyweight.


How do you use Lifetime Fitness leg press? ›

So that you reach 90 degrees at the knee joint push. Out on the way through the heel. So that foot

What is the starting weight of a Life Fitness leg press? ›

The Signature Series Linear Leg Press has three different back pad support adjustments and the handlebar is directly above the footplate for easy entry and exit.
Technical Specifications.
Plate Capacity8-45 lb (7-25 kg) plates per weight rod
Standard Weight Horns4
Starting Resistance103 lbs (47 kg)
8 more rows

Are Life Fitness machines good? ›

Life Fitness's treadmills feel really high quality and even their most affordable model feels like a treadmill you'd find at the gym. Some of the treadmills come with different console choices to choose from at purchase.

What machine is used for leg press? ›

The leg press machine can come in the form of a horizontal leg press machine or a 45-degree leg press machine. Both forms of the leg press machine consist of a platform, free weights placed on top of the platform or weight stacks, and locking mechanisms to hold the platform in place.

How much does the Life Fitness leg press weigh without weights? ›

The starting weight of a machine leg press is usually about 20 lbs.

How do leg presses work for beginners? ›

Leg Press + Seated Leg Press | HOW TO USE + FORM - YouTube


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