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U Bolt: The Complete Guide

  • Chapter 1: What is a U Bolt?
  • Chapter 2: Types of U Bolts
  • Chapter 3: Why You Need U bolts
  • Chapter 4: Main Components of U Bolts
  • Chapter 5: Technical Specification of U Bolts
  • Chapter 6: U Bolts Manufacturing Process
  • Chapter 7: Step-by-step U Bolt Installation Process
  • Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Chapter 9: Conclusion

In case you want to support pole line hardware, you may need a U bolt clamp.

It is because a U bolt is an effective and reliablefastener when it comes to this.

However, you must choose high quality and reliable U bolt.

That’s why today, I am going to show you how to find one.

I will walk you through all the fundamental aspects – from the definition, types of U bolts, main components, the installation process to technical specifications, among other vital aspects.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a U Bolt?

A U bolt clamp is a type of bolt that has the shape of the letter U and has screw threads on each end.

It is common to see them in use on electric power lines, concrete lines, and pole lines.

You will realize that the types and designs of U bolts vary as you move from one country to another.

U Bolts, Galvanized Square U Bolt Clamp Supplier & Manufacturer - Rax Industry (1)

u bolt measurements

The bolts vary in size ranging from 5/8 inch, ¾ inch and ½ inch diameter screws. Rolling machines are used in making the threads on both ends of the U bolts.

All U bolt assembly includes two- or four-square nuts or hex nuts.

Types of U Bolts

There are two main types of U bolts including the square U bolt and the middle bandage U bolt.

U Bolts, Galvanized Square U Bolt Clamp Supplier & Manufacturer - Rax Industry (2)

Types of U bolt

They are both used on concrete poles to fasten cross arms.

There are, however, smaller U bolts used in connecting ball sockets and tension clamps on transmission lines.

· Square U Bolt

It is a type of U bolt that is bent at 90 degrees at each bend.

U Bolts, Galvanized Square U Bolt Clamp Supplier & Manufacturer - Rax Industry (3)Square U bolt

It is also known as the square bend U bolt.

The square U bolt is in common use in countries such as Kenya and Chile.

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· Middle Bandage U Bolt

It is another type of U clamp with a bandage in the middle usually between the threaded ends.

The bandage is supposed to reduce friction between the U clamps and the installed device.

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U bolt with a plate

The bandage is available on the square U bolt too, depending on the use.

Why You Need U bolts

U bolts are important features in pole line hardware because they help in fastening many components on the pole.

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u bolt bracket applications

It provides support for the appliances such as the electrical cross arm and holds them in place.

They are also used on electric power lines, pole lines, and concrete to fasten the adjacent components.

Main Components of U Bolts

U bolts are very simple devices with a bolt in a U shape and two nuts on both ends.

There are other U bolts that have washers to help in making the connections tighter.

The washers are also important as they hold the nuts in place in case of a shaky structure.

Nuts are types of fasteners on the U bolts with threaded interiors.

They often work in conjunction with the bolts holding together due to friction along with the treads.

The other forces that keep them together are stretching, elastic deformation, and compression.

A washer is a thin disk-shaped plate with a hole at the center made of plastic or metal.

It works better in the distribution of load on the threaded fasteners.

It can also function as a spacer, wear a pad, spring, locking device, and preload indicating device among others.

Technical Specification of U Bolts

Before buying a U Bolt, you should consider the following:

U Bolts, Galvanized Square U Bolt Clamp Supplier & Manufacturer - Rax Industry (6)

Technical specifications of a U bolt


Making a U bolt requires you to know the measurements of the kind of work you will use it on.

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Measuring is done through cross-arm engineering speak since the U bolt functions best on cross arms.

In measuring a U bolt make sure that you include:

  • Inside height
  • Thread size
  • Inside diameter
  • Thread length

Apart from that, you will also have to mention other dimensions such as the type of material.

All the measurements of length and width are in millimeters.

Material Type

The most common type of material used in making U bolts is stainless steel.

Steel is the best material because of its strength and cannot break easily.

It also passes through the hot-dip galvanization process making it resistant to corrosion.

Finish – hot-dip galvanization

Hot-dip galvanization is a process where U bolts pass through to give it corrosion resistance properties.

Steel is passed through liquid zinc adding an extra coating to keep the rust away.

The process works well at different temperatures depending on the type of material used.


The thickness of the U bolt depends on the type of cross arm it is going to hold.

Heavy materials require the use of thick U bolts because they can carry the weight.

This is the reason why U bolts are available in different diameters for you to choose from.


U bolts do not have a lot of design on them because of the kind of material they hold.

The most important determinant of the type of design on U bolts is the material it contains.

The most common models of U bolts are the middle bandage U bolts and the square U bolts.

Tensile strength

The tensile strength of the U bolts relies on the material used in making them.

The diameter of the element also influences the tensile strength of the U bolt.

You will even realize that the process of manufacturing U bolts will determine the power of the U bolt.

For instance, hot forging makes the U bolts stronger with a tensile strength of 11 kV or 33 kV.

U bolts manufacturing using a cold bending process are very fragile, and you should not use them.

U Bolts Manufacturing Process

U bolts pass through the process of hot forging, and it is hazardous to cold bend.


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Hot forging U bolts make sure that they have very high loading strengths in 11kv or 33kv overhead lines.

Manufacturers sprinkle oil on the threads of the U bolts for a smoother and better installation experience.

The process of manufacturing U bolts requires the primary raw material which is steel.

Apart from that, it needs a rolling machine that will help in making the treads.

Measuring and cutting materials are also required.

The first step is gathering all the material required and making the right measurements before making the necessary cuts.

Normally, the measurements on the materials are per the dimensions of the desired U bolt.

The customer has the freedom of making requests on the kind of U bolt he will need.

Also, the second process is precarious, and you have to be very careful since it involves working with fire.

In this case, steel passes through the process of hot forging where it is bent.

It is easier to bend the steel while it is still hot as it will also increase the strength of the bolt.

Cold bends may break the steel or make it fragile for use in heavy jobs.

Make sure that you wear protective gear during the process of hot forging.

The threads on the bolts are a result of rolling them on a rolling machine.

The diameter of the bolt and the number of threads on the U bolt are in place before rolling.

The last step is hot-dip galvanization where the metal passes through liquid zinc.

This offers corrosion-resistant properties making it durable and stronger.

Step-by-step U Bolt Installation Process

U bolts are easy to install as compared to other pole line hardware.

You will, however, require the assistance of an expert to guide you in the process.

Apart from that, an assistant should be available to help you in making the installation.

U Bolts, Galvanized Square U Bolt Clamp Supplier & Manufacturer - Rax Industry (7)

U bolt Installation

Depending on the type of installation, make sure that all the components are in place.

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In this case, you are going to use a U bolt in fastening an electric cross arm.

You will need a ladder to elevate you to the height where the cross arm is.

Make sure that the cross-arm is in place and with the assistance of a drill make holes on the pole.

The holes are supposed to be broad enough to allow the bolt to pass through.

It should also leave enough space for the nuts and the washers.

After drilling the holes, request your assistant to hold the cross arm in place as you fix the bolts inside the holes.

The U bolt should fit well in the gaps and attach the electrical cross arm correctly.

Fit the washer and then the nut and fasten it to the end of the available thread.

Use devices such as spanners and pliers to lock the nuts tighter, holding the cross arm in place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a U Bolt?

A U Bolt is a threaded fastener that is designed to fit over a round item such as an exhaust pipe, conduit and is threaded on both ends to accept an appropriately sized nut.

What types of steel are used to make U-bolts?

It is not the same in different markets, take the Philippines for example, they use standard available material types include stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized carbon steel, zinc plated carbon steel, and plain carbon steel.

What is a U Bolts coating?

The surface treatment is hot-dip galvanized. The zinc thickness will protect the surface from getting rusty.

How to choose the manufacturer of u bolts?

Here are the guidelines that can help you choose a suitable manufacturer:

  • Check whether the company is licensed
  • The production capacity of the company
  • Look for the reviews about the manufacturer
  • Experience of the manufacturer


U bolts are essential parts of pole line hardware as they hold the other components in place.

The guide on U bolts is supposed to help you understand the kind of choices you need to make.

Remember that U bolts can also be custom-made, so you have the freedom to make an order.

Here at Rax Industry, we strive to give you the best U bolts.

Talk to us today, and our team will help you.

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What is the difference between U-bolt and U clamp? ›

A U bolt is also called a U bolt clamp or U clamp, it is a threaded u shaped fastener that can hold electrical poles or other structures on the electric power line, pole line, and concrete line.

What is the U-bolt formula? ›

The U-bolt size is given as Diameter (A) x Distance Between Legs (B) x Leg Length (C).

What is the purpose of U bolts? ›

What Is a U-Bolt? When you break it down, a U-bolt is a bolt bent into the shape of the letter “u.” It's a curved bolt that features threads on each end. Because the bolt is curved, it fits nicely around pipes or tubing. That means U-bolts can secure piping or tubes to a support and work as a restraint.

How do you read a U-bolt? ›

And comes down to the axle where there's a plate to measure the length of the u-bolt. You'll go from

How Do You Measure U bolt size? ›

The length (L) is measured from end of bolt to inside of the bend, while the width (C) is measured between the legs. Some companies will show the length to the bottom or centerline of the bend instead of the top of the bend. The width is sometimes detailed as center of one leg to center of the other leg.

What are the different types of U bolts? ›

What are the types of u bolts? U bolts are commonly classified by bending shape and can be divided into round U bolts, semi-round U bolt, and square U bolt. Each of the three models can be made of corrosion-resistant metals, such as carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, or 316 stainless steel.

Is U-bolt a code? ›

Overview. U bolt and HSN Code 73182990 export shipments from India are 858, exported by 167 Suppliers. India exports most of it's U bolt and HSN Code 73182990 to United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Italy. The top 1 exporters of U bolt and HSN Code 73182990 are India.

How much weight can U-bolts hold? ›

U Bolt w/Nuts, 1 1/4 in, 1090 lb Max Load.

What is the torque specs for U-bolts? ›

Recommended U-Bolt Torque for Cold-Formed U-Bolts
SizeMaterial GradeMax. Torque Ft. Lbs. Unplated
7/16 - 20544
1/2 - 20570
9/16 - 185100
5/8 - 188177
6 more rows

How do you measure au clamp? ›

Measuring U-Bolts - One Minute Monday by EATON Detroit Spring

What can I use instead of U-bolt? ›

just use 1/2 bolts to sandwich the spring, instead of the u bolts.

Do cars have U-bolts? ›

Since U-bolts are typically placed in your car's leaf spring suspension systems, it often has to deal with large amounts of pressure. Thus, you should diffuse this pressure first before proceeding with replacing the damaged U-bolt. Don't worry! This pressure is usually alleviated by jack-lifting the car.

What happens if you over tighten U-bolts? ›

"If you overtighten the nuts on those u-bolts you can damage the bearing cap and the needle bearings inside," says Fagen.

How can you tell the difference between Grade 5 and Grade 8 U-bolts? ›

Grade 8 bolts have been hardened more than grade 5 bolts. Thus they are stronger and are used in demanding applications such as automotive suspensions. Grade 8 bolts have 6 evenly spaced radial lines on the head. Grade G is roughly equivalent to Grade 8.

How much weight can a 1/2 U Bolt hold? ›

abbreaking strength
3/8"5/16"4600 lbs.
1/2"3/8"8000 lbs.
9/16"1/2"12500 lbs.
3 more rows

What are U-bolts used for on a truck? ›

They are a major part of the leaf spring suspension and securely connect a suspension system's leaf spring pack to the vehicle's axle. You can think of U-bolts as large industrial paperclips, designed to keep the suspension system and leaf springs securely together.

Where are the U-bolts on a truck? ›

Check the U bolt every 24,000 miles, or every six months. Find it underneath the box just behind the cab of the truck.

What is au clamp? ›

U Clamps are traditional hanging supports for steel or copper pipe up to 300NB. The pipe sits within the U bolt which is usually fixed at the top to a piece of strut.

How do you use a U-bolt clamp? ›

You only need a few basic tools to install U-bolts.
  1. Place the U-bolt around the pole or pipe. The threads should point toward the object being fastened. ...
  2. Slide the U-bolt clamp over the part you are attaching. Push the two U-bolt threaded ends into the two holes on the U-bolt clamp.
  3. Tighten the bolts with the wrench.

What are leaf spring U bolts made of? ›

U-bolts 9/16″ diameter and less are made from 1541 Grade 5 Material. Ubolts 5/8″ diameter and greater are made from Grade 8 material. U-bolts have a sufficient amount of rolled threads on each leg.
Leaf Spring and Suspension U-Bolts.
Socket SizeRod Diameter
1 1/16″ or 1 1/8″3/4″
1 15/16″7/8″
4 more rows

What is ASTM A193? ›

The specification for ASTM A193 covers alloy and stainless steel bolting for pressure vessels, valves, flanges, and fittings for high temperature or high pressure service, or other special purpose applications. The ASTM A193 specification covers bars, bolts, screws, studs, stud bolts, and wire.

How do you specify AU bolts? ›

In order to specify a u-bolt for pipes, you must provide the diameter of the pipe, the material, the tangent length, and either the load or thickness of the u-bolt rod.

What is au clamp? ›

U Clamps are traditional hanging supports for steel or copper pipe up to 300NB. The pipe sits within the U bolt which is usually fixed at the top to a piece of strut.


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