What’s Your Home Decor Style? Find Out Which Popular Interior Design Is the Perfect Fit (2023)

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Taking on a home redesign project can be easier said than done, especially if you’re not familiar with interior design styles. Where do you start?

The first step is to learn the key elements of design styles. Hiring an interior designer can help accomplish this, educating you about different options and how to achieve them. Identifying which style best suits your personality, however, requires an extra step.

You’ll know which design exudes your personality when you can walk into the space and say, “Yep. That’s me.” Read on for tips on how to find your style match, including a fun questionnaire as a guide.

How to Choose a Design That Fits Your Personality

Having a design style that reflects your individuality will inevitably make you feel welcome and comfortable in your own home. The key is to identify which particular style you naturally exude through your interests and hobbies. Here are a few quick tips to find out.

1. Study Your Closet

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Photo: lechatnoir / E+ / Getty Images


Take time to analyze your outfits and accessories as well as how you’ve arranged them. Are they organized in any manner? Does your attire lean more toward casual comfy, or trendy chic? What you wear can say a lot about who you are.

2. Create a Mood Board

Think about the colors and textures that make you happy. Are they typically bright and bold or soft and neutral? A helpful way to experiment with different ideas is by creating an interior design mood board. Also known as a design board, this type of visual lets you compile images of furniture, colors, and accessories that inspire you.

3. Take a Personality Quiz

Last but not least, a fun way to learn about different home decor styles and find one that speaks to your personality is through a quiz.

Discover your home decorating style now using the flowchart quiz below:

What’s Your Home Decor Style? Find Out Which Popular Interior Design Is the Perfect Fit (3)

Now that you’ve landed on a decor style that best suits you, let’s take a deeper dive into how you can add elements of that style into your home.


What’s Your Home Decor Style? Find Out Which Popular Interior Design Is the Perfect Fit (4)

Photo: CreativaStudio / E+ / Getty Images

A classic and timeless design style, Scandinavian interiors focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Originating in Scandinavia, the Nordic region with long winters and limited daylight, this design embraces a lot of white space to bounce natural light off and warm up the home.

To achieve this look, consider removing 25% of the pieces in your home. In a Scandinavian design, everything should be airy, light, and clutter-free: spacious rooms, bare white walls, minimal furniture and decor, and no unnecessary details.

Opt for soft pops of color and natural textures—sheepskins, cotton, linen—to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. A plush, textured throw blanket and rug will do the trick.


The Scandinavian style also consists heavily of natural wooden surfaces and basic geometric shapes, such as wood pendant light fixtures and rounded coffee tables. A woodworker near you can create minimal furniture pieces and even custom sets.

Mid-Century Modern

What’s Your Home Decor Style? Find Out Which Popular Interior Design Is the Perfect Fit (5)

Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / iStock / Getty Images

Birthed during the economic boom post-World War II, the mid-century modern design style is a trend that never went out of fashion. The goal was to move away from the melancholy mindset during the war and embrace experimentation in design.

Mid-century modern can be summarized in three words: beautiful, functional, and attainable. It involves simple forms, minimal ornamentation, an open-space concept, and organic influences such as plants and wood. Aesthetically, the goal is clean lines and simplicity with bold and vibrant hues.

To achieve this look at home, you’ll want a retro feel that’s full of life and color. Think of shows like “The Brady Bunch” and “Mad Men” as inspiration: uses of walnut wood furnishings, sputnik chandeliers, olive green accent chairs, and mustard yellow rugs. Start with a strong color and build on it with neutral tones and gold or silver accents.


Cottagecore design is a fairly new yet fast-growing trend that emerged in recent years. The aesthetics portray a fairy tale type of countryside cottage with wildflower fields and fruit trees.

Envision “The Secret Garden” or “Snow White”: a cabin in the woods surrounded by nature, with colors like watery blues, buttery yellows, and lots of greens. The ultimate goal is a romantic woodland feel, relaxed and free from technology.

If you enjoy thrifting, gardening, and baking, this style is right up your alley. Consider handmade decor, painted furniture, and bohemian undertones. Cottagecore design promotes tranquility with a humble and comfy feel.

Get this look at home with ceiling-high bookcases, a plethora of plants, and a generous use of floral prints. Opt for rustic wooden furniture, botanical wallpaper, and a lot of vintage books. You can even hire a stove professional to install a wood or gas-burning stove for an antique, cozy vibe.

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Art Deco

What’s Your Home Decor Style? Find Out Which Popular Interior Design Is the Perfect Fit (7)

Photo: imaginima / E+ / Getty Images

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A movement of art that began around the roaring 1920s into the 1930s, art deco puts you in the mind of “The Great Gatsby” and “The Wizard of Oz.” This unique interior style creates a bridge between ancient and modern, where the influence of design ranges from Egyptian art and cubism to the machine-like forms of futurism.

Art deco is eclectic, representing a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle through the uses of smooth, polished surfaces and risky bold palettes like purple, turquoise, and yellow. It also incorporates a lot of metallics, geometric shapes, straight lines, and sharp edges.

Accomplish this look for your space with velvet fabrics, fluffy rugs, and wallpapers with geometric patterns. Use metallic accessories such as brass shelves and gold-framed artwork painting. Also, opt for unique geometric-shaped furnishings and light fixtures, such as octagon mirrors and faceted coffee tables.


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Photo: KatarzynaBialasiewicz / iStock / Getty Images

With inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries, traditional design style incorporates a lot of ornate features and timeless details: tufted furniture pieces, wingback chairs, gold details, carved wood, and oil paintings. Here, consistency is key; you’ll see furniture that matches one another and has symmetry.

The traditional design strives for harmony and order with a warm and inviting feel.

To embrace this look, choose neutral backdrops for your space and reserve the pops of color for textiles, art, and decor. Use fabrics like silk and velvet for drapes, pillows, and couches. Accessories should be grand, such as vases, pianos, and china sets.

Homes with the traditional style also use a lot of gold and silver, such as chandeliers and candle holders, with damask wallpaper patterns. Wood panel walls with a fireplace as a focal point are also common.


This whimsical design style emerged during the early 19th century in Paris, where artists began to adopt the low-cost, unorthodox lifestyle to prioritize individuality and creativity over wealth. The bohemian design follows a maximalist decor mindset, where instead of conforming to one idea, it incorporates many different philosophies and ideas from around the globe.

Bohemian decor is meant to be free and creative. There are no hard rules or limitations. Color palettes range from earth tones (browns, greens) to jewel tones and pastels. Plants and metallic fixtures are common, as are carefree layers of patterns, textures, and colors.

Adopt this look by layering different distressed rugs and using bright, textured pillows and throws. Slightly worn textures like rattan are preferable, and furniture pieces are usually vintage or second-hand. You can get creative decor such as travel souvenirs, flea market finds, and handmade pieces of art.

What’s Your Home Decor Style? Find Out Which Popular Interior Design Is the Perfect Fit (9)
(Video) How to Find Your Decorating Style | 3 Steps & 8 Common Styles!


What’s Your Home Decor Style? Find Out Which Popular Interior Design Is the Perfect Fit (10)

Photo: Artjafara / iStock / Getty Images

Natural, breezy, and uplifting, the coastal design style encourages relaxation and tranquility in a home. The warm, seaside life of California and Florida are the inspiration for this style, where open-plan spaces, natural light, and architectural features like exposed beams create a relaxed, beachy feel.

Coastal colors primarily consist of white and muted neutrals, such as palettes of soft greens, tans, blues, and cool grays. Since it embraces the tropical feel, you’ll see more hardwood, concrete, or tile flooring with natural fiber rugs like seagrass and jute to soften the look.

Bring the coastal style into your home with whitewashed wooden tables, slipcovered sofas, and soft cushions of natural linens. Choose sheer curtains to permit window breeze and natural light into the space. You can also check the cost of LVL beam installation to see how you can incorporate exposed beams into the overall look.

As for coastal decor, natural fibers like woven storage baskets and rope create a relaxed, organic feel. For nautical fun, opt for coastal organic materials such as starfish, exotic plants, and seashells for accessories. Oil paintings, ceramic vases, and bookshelves with board games and framed photos embody a beach vacation experience.


What’s Your Home Decor Style? Find Out Which Popular Interior Design Is the Perfect Fit (11)

Photo: in4mal / iStock / Getty Images

Last but not least is the minimalist decor style. Guided by the idea that less is more, a minimalist home ensures that everything in it has a place and a reason. The idea is to create an uncluttered living space and embrace simplicity. Minimalism incorporates open floor plans, lots of light, and comfortable furniture with clean lines.

This design style is ideal for people who experience sensory overload, where the aesthetic is meant to create a spacious, relaxed room without distractions. Easily create this look at home using simple color palettes, such as monochromatic whites, blacks, and grays.

Choose furniture with simple forms and crisp straight lines. As for decor and accents, raw materials like textured wood tables, ceramic vases, and marble countertops provide that clean feel for which minimalism strives.

Do any of these decor styles sound like you? In addition to the popular interior designs above, there are plenty more you can explore. An interior decorator in your area can walk you through each and even help merge your favorite styles to create your own unique look.


What are the 4 types of interior design? ›

Traditional interior designing Style. Modern style of interior design. Industrial interior design style. Minimalist interior design style.

What are the styles of interior? ›

If you have been researching how to design your home's interior, you probably have come across different interior design styles such as “contemporary,” “modern”, “industrial”, “art deco”, and several others.

What is the most popular interior design style in the US? ›

From our research, we found that the most popular interior design style is Industrial. Out of the 50 states, 12 states had Industrial as their most-searched for interior design style on Google. Additionally, states that preferred the Industrial style weren't just located in similar regions -- they come from all over.

What is the current decor style called? ›

Contemporary style is completely of the moment while modern interior design styles can almost mean anything forward-thinking from the 50's to the early aughts. Contemporary interior design styles trends also have more freedom as modern is usually fixed around squared, graphic lines and a particular take on modernity.

How do you define home style? ›

How to Define Your Personal Style in 6 Easy Steps
  1. look at your current furniture. Take inventory of the current furniture in your home to understand what lines and textiles you enjoy. ...
  2. curate items you cherish. ...
  3. peek inside your closet. ...
  4. take stock of your interests. ...
  5. consider your home's location.
25 Jul 2022

What is basic interior design? ›

Every piece of furniture, every pattern, and every item of decoration must complement each other. The unity and uniformity of all the design elements together make for a beautiful interior design. You must always ensure that there is a smooth flow in your use of patterns, colors, texture, etc.

What are 3 different types of design? ›

I tend to divide design into three main types: product, interface, and visual.
  • Product Design. ...
  • Interface Design. ...
  • Visual Design. ...
  • Interrelation of types.
5 Dec 2012

How do you style interior? ›

12 top tips to styling your home like you've hired an interior designer
  1. Always accessorise. ...
  2. Mix it up. ...
  3. Be careful with colour. ...
  4. Consider your choices. ...
  5. Treat yourself to luxury. ...
  6. Add some drama. ...
  7. Personality is key. ...
  8. Brainstorm like it's your job.
6 Oct 2017

What is modern style interior? ›

Modern interior design refers to a sleek and uncluttered style that began in the late 19th century. In its purest form, modernism reflects a fuss-free approach to life. As a result, designers kept décor minimal while emphasizing industrial materials. In addition, patterns are also few and far between.

What is the Home Decor for 2022? ›

You'll see lots of curved chairs, sofas with gently sloping arms, and round poufs in velvet, linen, and nubby boucle fabrics. In addition to natural wood tones and vintage pieces, we'll also see a return of black accent pieces. Marble furniture and accents will also be popular in 2022.

What is the style of homes in 2022? ›

Expect to see more arched openings, barrel-vault ceilings, and curvy furniture, The Plan Collection team predicts. Also, you may spot more arched windows and doors as well as curved ceilings for porches or decks and curved walkways. 7. Metal roofs: Metal roofs are known for being eco-friendly and long-lasting.

What style is in right now 2022? ›

2022 Fashion Trend: Voluminous Silhouettes

From oversize shirting to ballooned silhouettes and a continuation of the puff sleeve trend, dresses and tops will retain their volume through the end of the year. If anything, the latter will spice up all the soft pants you'll probably still be rocking on the bottom.

What furniture style is popular now? ›

Wood, glass, stone, and metal are still more popular than plastics and synthetic fabrics. In 2021, expect to see more unpainted wood furnishings, stone textures, plants, wicker furniture, and ceramic pieces in homes. Combining natural materials will also be huge this year.

What is the most popular home style today? ›

Modern interior design reigns as the most popular home style in 32 states, according to a new study from Confused.com, a home comparison site. Modern interior design is characterized by a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism and natural finishes.

What is the most popular house style in the country? ›

The Ranch House is America's Most Commonly Sold Home

Ranch-style housing is the most popular across 20 states.

What decor is popular now? ›

Earthy textures, organic natural shapes, raw materials, and greenery will all be elements that ground the home for design longevity,' says Milwaukee-based interior designer Anna Franklin of Stone House Collective (opens in new tab).

What is popular in home design? ›

"Transitional design will continue to be popular for homeowners in 2022," says interior designer Maggie Stephens. "Expect to see traditional elements mixed with clean lines and contemporary upholstery. Light color schemes, neutrals, and natural wood tones feature strongly in this style."

What is an example of house style? ›

We'll show you the 10 most popular American house styles, including Cape Cod, French Country, Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, Craftsman, Cottage, Mediterranean, ranch-style, and Contemporary.

Why you should style your home? ›

A beautifully designed home not only helps lift your image in your own social circle, but it will also make them feel comfortable in the new surroundings. This can go a long way in helping you move forward in both personal and professional life.

What is design example? ›

Typical examples of designs include architectural and engineering drawings, circuit diagrams, sewing patterns and less tangible artefacts such as business process models.

What are the 5 types of design? ›

Understanding the Design World
  • Product Design.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Branding.
  • Interaction Design.
  • Motion Graphics Design.
  • Industrial Design.
18 Jan 2019

What makes a good design? ›

Good design is a concept defined by industrial designer Dieter Rams's principles: It makes a product useful and understandable, is innovative, aesthetic, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, thorough to the last detail, environmentally friendly, and involves as little design as possible.

What is the most important thing in interior design? ›

The most important element of interior design would be a functional space. Functional space acts as the base of the entire interior design. Therefore, it is essential that the user and designer both are well aware of the space availability and purpose of each individual space.

What is concept in interior design example? ›

An interior design concept is the central theme that all the design elements are focused upon. It exists as an idea first and is brought to reality through careful planning. At its best, an interior design concept is a visual theme that evokes a specific mood by strategically using color, space, and style.

How can I do my own interior design? ›

Here goes:
  1. Make A Budget.
  2. Create A Mood board.
  3. Choose Your “Springboard" (Inspiration) Object.
  4. Make A Room Layout Plan.
  5. Choose Foundation Furniture.
  6. Pick Paint Colors.
  7. Scale Up.
  8. Don't Over-Source Any Single Source.
12 Apr 2020

What are the types of basic design? ›

What are basic design principles? There are twelve basic principles of design: contrast, balance, emphasis, proportion, hierarchy, repetition, rhythm, pattern, white space, movement, variety, and unity.

How many styles are there in design? ›

The eight key interior design styles are:

Industrial: bare brick, rough textures, and solid structures. Vintage: elegant, romantic, and sophisticated in nature. Minimalist: valuing open space above things. Mid-Century Modern: organic and geometric.

What is the different types of design? ›

The following are common types of design.
  • Architecture. Designing and engineering buildings and structures.
  • Interior Design. Designing interior and exterior physical environments that are used by people.
  • Landscape Architecture. ...
  • Industrial Design. ...
  • Fashion Design. ...
  • Engineering Design. ...
  • Software Design. ...
  • User Interface Design.
21 Mar 2017

Why are interior design styles important? ›

A well-designed interior is essential to a structure's ambience. This is because interior design provides a soul to a building, making it more functional, pleasant and liveable. So, when designed to a high standard, a beautiful space has the power to enrich one's life too.

What kind of style is modern? ›

Modern design is an interior design style characterized by a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light. It refers specifically to a historical aesthetic movement that took place during the early to mid-twentieth century.

What makes a style modern? ›

Modern (with a capital M) style by definition

A palette of natural, earthy tones with contrasting accents that can include primary colors, black, and even lustrous metals. An open-layout floor plan that joins multiple spaces into one, promoting an airy ambiance. Clean lines, sleek surfaces, and a minimalist aesthetic.

What is modern style in furniture? ›

Modern furniture refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century through the present that is influenced by modernism. Post-World War II ideals of cutting excess, commodification, and practicality of materials in design heavily influenced the aesthetic of the furniture.

What are the design trends for 2023? ›

In 2023, the gradients are coming back, playing a vital role in storytelling and visualizing. They will shift from minimalistic palettes to vibrant colors and intricate shapes. Thanks to this UI/UX design trend, the creators will have more graphical options to evoke certain emotions in the users' hearts subtly.

What decor is in for 2022? ›

You'll see lots of curved chairs, sofas with gently sloping arms, and round poufs in velvet, linen, and nubby boucle fabrics. In addition to natural wood tones and vintage pieces, we'll also see a return of black accent pieces. Marble furniture and accents will also be popular in 2022.

What are the new decor trends? ›

10 Designers Share the Biggest Interiors Trends of 2022
  • Chic Chocolate Hues.
  • Classic Canopy Beds.
  • Maximalism Marvel.
  • Dark Kitchens.
  • Something Old, Something New.
  • A Quiet Place.
  • A Cozy Palette.
  • Go For the Bold.
26 Apr 2022

What decorating style never goes out of style? ›

Based on the vintage, classic looks popularized more than 50 years ago, mid-century modern is here to stay. The adaptability of this style makes it easy to fit into any style of home. And its clean lines, simple color scheme, and rich wood tones make it simple enough to avoid the quick trend burnout.

What wall treatment never goes out of style? ›

Wood Wall Paneling

Wood has never really gone out of style as a building material, and you can always restain or refresh wooden features with paint. So if you're thinking about some kind of wood wall treatment, go for it.

What is the style of home that is popular now? ›

The most popular types of house designs include Bungalow, Cape Cod, Federal, Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, and Ranch.

What style of furniture is popular today? ›

Contemporary: Contemporary style furniture refers to furniture that is popular today.

What is the color of the year 2022 2023? ›

Viridian Green: PANTONE® 17-5126 TPX Viridian Green

This is a green, sometimes also called Veronese green, with a distinctive blue undertone that makes it particularly appealing for many uses.

What is the color trend for 2022? ›

These colors of the year 2022 encompass warm neutrals, dusty pastels, and soothing blues and greens, ranging from light and subtle to dramatically dark. Each shade was selected for its ties to nature and ability to foster a peaceful, optimistic mindset.


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